Patterns to Purpose

A step-by-step journey of accessing and transforming your emotions, so they become your ally, not a blocker.

5-Day Mini Course

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If you are stuck in a repetition cycle, most likely you don't feel great about yourself. You might experience guilt, shame or frustration because you keep repeating the same scenario over and over again.

Constantly beating yourself up over it is not the answer, and if you want to break the cycle, you have to clean the emotional space. It's the first step in the healing process.

This mini course will teach you how to strip layers of negative emotions, transform them, and consequently prepare you for the work of releasing the core issue that is driving your repetitive patterns.

Often we have a hard time tapping into our inner wisdom because of all the anxieties and negative feelings layered on top. That's why it's essential to process your emotions because it will make it easier to connect to your intuition and the subconscious.

Once you have completed this process, you'll have a powerful addition to your spiritual tool-kit. You can use it whenever you need to process and learn about your emotions. What a brilliant investment of time and energy in your emotional well-being.

Here's how the course is structured:

  1. Every day for the next five days, you’ll get an email with a link to access your task for the day.
  2. Once you’ve clicked on the link, it will take you to the page with specific instructions, audio recordings of guided visualizations, and journaling questions. 
  3. You’ll need to set aside 30 minutes a day to complete a simple task. And within just a few days you’ll be able to understand your repetitive emotional patterns from an entirely new perspective.

About the creator of the course

Monika Walankiewicz is a Transformational Facilitator, Certified in Art Therapy and Positive Psychology. She helps women to release repetitive psychological patterns that are preventing them from taking action in their lives. She created a process which enables her clients to hone in and transform underlying issues behind their repetitive behaviors, thought processes and emotional patterns. 

She holds Art Therapy Certification from Northwestern University and has studied under Tal Ben-Shahar during her year long Positive Psychology training. In addition she has completed Positive Psychology Coaching certificate from Wholebeing Institute. She shares her expertise in personal growth via workshops, online programs and one-on-one coaching. Monika takes a unique approach that blends intuitive and creative inner work with evidence-based methods based on behavioral science and positive psychology.


What you'll learn

During this course you'll not only learn how to process your emotions, but you'll also learn how to access your subconscious mind and unlock its hidden messages.


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