Day 5 - Releasing Unhelpful Patterns
Moving To A New Perspective


You’ve come so far and made such an incredible progress. Congratulations! Now is the time to complete our journey of emotional transformation.

Yesterday you created a new re-visioned image of your shame or guilt. It’s no longer negative, and it carries positive content and symbolism.

The very final step in the process is the visualization in which you will engage with a new positive image you had created.

I suggest you repeat this visualization at least once a day for twenty-one days so you can experience positive change on all levels, conscious, subconscious and visceral level.

You can use your brain as a simulator to help you achieve a desired goal or outcome.

The key to lasting transformation is imparting new symbolic messaging onto your subconscious mind, which in effect creates new neural pathways in your brain. The image you created yesterday is a vehicle for delivering this new positive message.

You will notice improvement after the completion of this course and you can stop there, but for the change to truly take place I strongly recommend you repeat the final re-visioning meditation for three weeks. Now onto instructions for today.

Follow these six steps to transform the image association you have with your shame.

1. Reflect back on your images

If you have created two separate images place the new artwork next to the original image, or if you decided to paint over your original image, display only this one.

Take few deep breaths and try to take in the emotional content of both pieces and allow them to communicate with you on an intuitive level. 

2. Ask yourself those important questions 

Read those questions and journal your answers in your notebook.

  1. As you look at both drawings - the original image and the transformed image - what can you sense is the difference between those two pictures?
  2. How do you feel about the second drawing?
  3. How does the transformed image represent a new way of perceiving and experiencing your painful emotion?
  4. Look at colors, images, and shapes you drew and write a sentence or two about metaphoric and symbolic significance of each one,
  5. If this new drawing could speak, what would it say to you about life lessons this emotion was trying to teach you?

3. Perform Image Replacement Visualization

Remember the unconscious part of your brain responds to images you serve it, and repetition ensures you'll create new neural pathways, so the transformation takes hold. All you need to do is to spend few minutes each day for next twenty-one days performing the image replacement visualization. 

Before you start, take few deep breaths and reflect on your image(s). Now start listening to this final guided meditation.


4. Engage with Re-visioned Drawing on a regular basis

Your new positive image is a symbolic replacement of your old painful feelings. Keep your artwork in a visible place where you can look at it frequently. Or take a picture of it and put it on your phone or desktop as a wallpaper. Even if you just glance at it in passing, your subconscious mind will keep absorbing its symbolic content, reinforcing the desired change.

5. Keep at it

If you can do the image replacement visualization on a regular basis and view your finished artwork at least few times a day, you will see the results. Your old pattern of reacting to your painful emotions or just being sabotaged by them will be gone or at least significantly minimized, and you will experience a sense of freedom and relief. 

You've done it! If you have any questions or just want to share outcomes of your journey feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you.